What’s Shangrilogs?

Shangrilogs is a newsletter about relocation, recreation, and renovation at 10,000 feet.

Every Sunday, you’ll get a free newsletter with things like:

  • insights on moving to a town of 180 on an avalanche path

  • making friends in the middle of nowhere

  • what living in a log cabin is really like

  • how (I’m trying) to live a balanced outdoor life

And paid subscribers getting goodies like:

  • gear recommendations for hiking, mountain biking, and backcountry skiing

  • renovation updates on some of the biggest logs I’ve ever seen

  • updates on the woodworking shop (and business, oh boy)

It’s true. This pile of logs was featured by Substack.

I’m Kelton Wright. I’ve been featured in Bicycling Magazine, Runner’s World, Peloton Magazine, Outside Magazine, and more, always riding bikes and running around. I worked with Rapha for 6 years helping lead women’s clinics, I was an ambassador for Trek Bikes as I learned to do increasingly stupid things on my mountain bike, and now I’m just an outdoor addict hoping to get more people outside.

I built my career helping people with their mental health at companies like Headspace and Sanvello. And every step of the way, I’ve been trying to optimize my own happiness: which is how I ended up six hours from a major airport in a town smaller than my graduating class.

Shangrilogs isn’t just a cabin (though it is very much a cabin), it’s an exploration of what changing your life and your home can look like. I hope you enjoy it!

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