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Shangrilogs is a newsletter about relocation, recreation, and renovation at 10,000 feet written by the nature-obsessed, Type-A daughter of a wildlife biologist and smokejumper.

Contact: keltonwright@gmail.com or keltonwrites

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Most people come here for whimsy. It’s a peephole into a different life — one centered around small town living, high-alpine adventure, and deep dives into nature.

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It’s true. This pile of logs was featured by Substack.
Holy shit, it was featured again.

But who are you?

I’m Kelton Wright — I’m a slow athlete who apologizes to trees when I bump into them and am constantly attempting to balance my deep desire to be anti-social with supporting a tiny community. I’ve been featured in Bicycling Magazine, Runner’s World, Peloton Magazine, Outside Magazine, and more, always riding bikes and running around.

I’ve taught mindfulness to NFL coaches, led hundreds of women through cycling clinics, written an Amazon best seller on dating, and worked with brands like Headspace, Nike, UnitedHealth Group, and more to help them elevate their content strategies.

And every step of the way, I’ve been trying to optimize my own happiness: which is how I ended up six hours from a major airport in a town smaller than my graduating class.

Shangrilogs isn’t just a cabin (though it is very much a cabin), it’s an exploration of what changing your life and your home can look like. I hope you enjoy it!

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High altitude relocation, recreation, and renovation in a town of 180 people (and 51 dogs.)


Writing on life, nature, and community at 10,000 feet in a town of 180 people and 51 dogs. Shangrilogs is a Featured Substack publication two years in a row.